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Full bodied dry red wine with elegant layers of berry and vanilla. Oak barrel aged.
$24.99 per Bottle
$299.88 per Case

A dry red wine with savory notes of blackberries and cherries followed with a soft kiss of black pepper. Oak barrel aged.

$19.99 per Bottle
$239.88 per Case
Dry red wine with hints of black cherry and a long, nuanced finish. Oak barrel aged for 7 months.

$15.99 per Bottle
$191.88 per Case
A classic dry red wine with hints of dark berry notes. Pleasant bouquet with a full mouth feel and balanced acidity. Oak barrel aged for 12 months in American Oak.
$21.99 per Bottle
$263.88 per Case
Dry white wine, crisp and rich in varietal character. Wonderful harmony of green melon and herb flavors with a sassy bite of citrus.

$13.99 per Bottle
$167.88 per Case
A classic dry white wine fermented in stainless steel. Fruit forward on the palate and perfectly balanced.
$15.99 per Bottle
$191.88 per Case
This elegant white wine will tantalize every one of your senses. The steel tank aging gives this classic white wine a pure and fruity character.

$15.99 per Bottle
$191.88 per Case
 This exotic and unique white wine has a striking, complex aroma of rose petal, ginger, and incense. The taste of succulent pink grapefruit is sure to be a delight!
$19.99 per Bottle
$215.88 per Case
A semi-dry wine with a slight and elegant roundness. Harmonious notes of floral and spice with a long, savory finish.
$15.99 per Bottle
$119.88 per Case
White blends have more fun! A semi-dry wine with savory flavor and good acidity. Expressive notes of ripe apple fill the nose and palate.
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A tastefully balanced wine that blends the Vidal and Foch grapes. Seductive hints of juicy ripe plumb and fresh spring fruits tempt the palate. 
$11.99 per Bottle
$143.88 per Case
Every day is a beach day when you enjoy this vibrant white blend. Beautifully balanced, this wine has lovely notes of ripe, succulent summer fruits.
$12.99 per Bottle
$155.88 per Case